Access all of your music, anywhere

Kalidity (that's kah-lid-ah-tee) lets you access and stream your entire music library anywhere, through a simple, easy to use platform.

You can use Kalidity for free

Kalidity is a free every month up to 20 listening hours. You can earn up to 40 hours by inviting just four friends to try Kalidity.

If you want even more listening hours through Kalidity just pay a small, flat monthly fee. It doesn't cost you any more than one lunch out.

Get an account and try Kalidity now
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What's great about Kalidity?

Use it on the web, anywhere

Kalidity provides you with access to all of your music through a simple, easy-to-use web interface.

Shuffle up a playlist at random, make your own, discover new music, search for old favorites, and enjoy album art without doing any extra work.


Find exactly what you're looking for

...and find it fast

Stop clicking through countless folders looking for your music, or scrolling through pages of song titles. Just type in what you're looking for, and watch it appear.

A bit O.C.D. about your folders, but have a few messy artist and album tags on your files? Hit the Folders tab and browse the files just like they are on your computer at home.

Just added a new album to your library? Hit the New Albums tab, and watch it go right to the top of the list.

Less time clicking and scrolling, more time listening.


Find great new music

Based on what you listen to

Hit the Discover tab at any time and get music recommendations tailored to you.

Click the album and go to Amazon to check out album samples and even more recommendations.


Use it on your iPhone

Also works on iPod and other mobile devices. Android and Palm support is on the way.

Kalidity for mobile is designed to give you easy music library access and the ability to create playlists quickly. Just visit Kalidity's site on your mobile device and you'll be listening in no time.

Get true background streaming

Even on older iPods and iPhones

Just start up a Kalidity playlist, put the player away, and start using your other apps. Pull up Kalidity from your home screen and you can see what song is going to play next.


Keep up with the artists you love

Get notifications about new albums

Kalidity provides easy-to-use integration for Muspy.
Muspy will provide you with notifications when artists you choose release new albums.

Simply copy and paste a list of artists you wish follow from your Kalidity account, and let Muspy do the rest. Visit Muspy's website for a brief video introduction.

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